Singing Yoga (with Mandy Young)

Classical Music is in a bit of a rut these days, so it is great to see an increasing number of attempts to bring its wonderful sound world to new audiences, which could bring more commerce and more sustainability in the future. And that’s something we as the Classical Music Industry should definitively strive for!


If there is something we all know it’s that Classical Music of our times (especially neo-classical Music) is incredibly relaxing and brings a peaceful state of mind. There have been many reports of people falling into an immediate and peaceful coma visiting concerts of for example Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter or Nils Frahm. Sometimes this happens after only a few bars of music (which is proof of the  great talent of these composers)! This process should not be confused with simple boredom – it is something much more magical and wonderful.

For a long time scientists have now studied the possible healing properties of these music-induced „deep comas“, and the research increasingly shows that life-span can be considerably prolonged if listening to neo-classical music at least 6 hours a day.

Especially effective is the combination with slow graceful movements, like practiced in the ancient art of Yoga, which has been handed down generation after generation by lustful yet beautifully restrained Indian yogas. This can be enhanced by powerful intonations of the yoga performer. Therefore a new genre is born: the magical „Singing Yoga“, which combines transcendental piano music with graceful movements performed by the most good-looking influencers of our time, for your personal enjoyment.

Therefore we proudly present our new „Singing Yoga“ video, which invites you to practice the ancient art along with our instructors, combining the „flow“ of Yoga with beautiful piano music. Important: Use the timer to practice the movements along with our hosts!

Mandy Young: One of the most famous and influential Singing Yoga performers of the world she has brought her art to many faraway places, among them the islands of Malay and the beaches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Przslaw Mietoshikjubolitsch: is considered to be one of the top neo-classical performers and composers of his home country Poland. His music has been used extensively in a wide range of commercials. From tampons to rip-off casino apps: his completely unique sound is something that will make you love anything that is sold!

As a bonus we also present an interview with both performers at the end of the video!

(PS: For our dear Bad Blog readers: it might be interesting to compare our effort to this legendary video

But please beware: Once you’ve seen it, YOU CAN’T UNSEE IT)