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Engländer in New York

Stings „Englishman in New York“ (1987) ins sinnvoll gereimte Deutsche zu übertragen, das hielt ich immer für unmöglich. Angesichts eines Urlaubs allerdings, welchen ich mir fürderhin gönnte, ging ich dieses Unterfangen gleichsam übermotiviert an. Dabei fiel mir zunächst eklatant auf, dass ich gleich für die erste Strophe zwei Mal ein...

trptk – it’s not about genre, it’s about the sound

In a time where the CD as a medium is constantly declared extinct it is quite remarkable that new labels are founded. It has been long known that it is easier for smaller labels (usually run by only a handful of people) to survive in the constantly changing music market than for some of the former major players, who were used to work with big budgets and big outfits and now are slowly becoming more like agencies, mainly living from the promotion and marketing of their stars and taking a share of their concert fees.

Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, season 4, episode 7: „We’re not Robots“

“when we get bored, you will hear a bell” (Sadako) seems like a vey harsh and debatable concept when judging rehearsals. In reality there would be the same allotted time slot for everybody involved. Why is this competition so famous? It is extremely chaotic, unfair and bizarre!

Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, season 4, episode 6, „Domo Arigato“

Gloria seems to have magic powers – not only can she convince the Karaoke band of an average bar in Tokyo to play the perfect song for the occasion perfectly and in the right tune for her, but she also has perfectly memorized every line of it. And why does she let her competitor sit next to Pembridge alone when she is so jealous?

Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, episode 5, season 4 „The Coach“

9:41: again, crazy blond dancer is continuing to move intensely on the chair in the background, while Egon rehearses something in which she is not involved at all. That gal just loves to dance, does she? Or rather the director said “Be artistic! I want you to move all the time, no matter what!”