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A Conductor’s Lament (Part 5, Conclusion)

Since most of the relations between music institutes and agencies takes place behind the scenes, it is only natural that it is rife with corruption and criminal behavior. Like many other immoral environments in the music world, everybody seems to turn a blind eye to these occurrences. It is a well-known fact among musicians that some prominent agencies even engage in criminal financial dealings with institutes and clients.

A Conductor’s Lament (Part 4)

Of course, psychology plays a huge part in the conductor’s work with the orchestra. In order to get the best out of the musicians one must be able to sense their feelings, opinions and character. However, the need of conductors to appease their orchestras has given rise to such a servile attitude that one can hardly take the profession seriously anymore.

A Conductor’s Lament (Part 2)

A Conductor’s Lament (Part 2)

„Both conductor and orchestra indulge in a façade of self-importance and hypocrisy. Having to witness this display during a performance of a Bruckner or a Schubert symphony is the worst insult for a music lover.“

A Conductors Lament (Part 1)

It is for this reason that I am forced to write anonymously. Putting my name on this paper would mean too much of a risk, as criticism of this sort is absolutely unacceptable and unwanted in the circles in which I make a living. I apologize for this, and hope that the reader will understand, and that this fact won’t provoke offhand dismissal.

Engländer in New York

Stings „Englishman in New York“ (1987) ins sinnvoll gereimte Deutsche zu übertragen, das hielt ich immer für unmöglich. Angesichts eines Urlaubs allerdings, welchen ich mir fürderhin gönnte, ging ich dieses Unterfangen gleichsam übermotiviert an. Dabei fiel mir zunächst eklatant auf, dass ich gleich für die erste Strophe zwei Mal ein...