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What art is

What art is by Moritz Eggert · January 20, 2024 Artists, I tell you: Don’t do art because you want a scholarship. Don’t do art to get a good review. Don’t make art because you want to be admired. Don’t hope for the mercy of the institutions, because their mercy...



KAIROSIS What is “Kairosis”? Is it a game, a piece of music, a kind of opera, a film score? The answer is: a little bit of everything. Based on an idea developed together with Moritz Schneiderwendt (clarinetist, Ensemble Broken Frames Syndicate), this work has accompanied me for the last three...


Dubious composition competitions, episode 263: Amadeus Composition Award Vienna

Dubious composition competitions, episode 263: Amadeus Composition Award Vienna When I wrote my article “The Tuscan Curse”  about dubious composition competitions for the NMZ many years ago, I had no idea that the topic would remain relevant for so long. What’s more, it has actually become even more relevant as...


The Beatles: Get Back

Now the spouses of the band are constantly present at the rehearsals, children are crawling over keyboards and drums, new people keep appearing who are mostly just annoying (at some point even Paul McCartney’s brother, who then also films), and the situation becomes more and more absurd, since the Beatles clearly have too few ideas and they only indulge in silliness.

55 Years of Good Vibrations – and now SMiLE! (Part Two)

Und es ist doch eine wunderbare Vorstellung, dass ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit als Helmut Lachenmann in der Cello-Kadenz seines „ Notturno / Musik für Julia“ in die Welt der Geräusche vorstieß, drüben in Kalifornien im Studio zwei Cellisten auf exorbitante Weise ihre Instrumente traktierten, sodass diese aberwitzigen Basstriolen zur Sirenenmelodie im Abspann von „ Good vibrations“ entstanden!