Everything that is wrong in Mozart in the Jungle Season 2, Episode 8: „Leave everything behind“

Leave everything behind


So we’re onto season 2 of “Mozart in the Jungle” now! MIJ is a great show – it has perfect casting, witty scripts, great actors…and screenwriters who try to unsuccessfully imagine how the classical music scene works. Actually it sometimes even adds to the fun that they don’t have a clue, as we become witnesses to scenes and dialogue that would never happen in real life. Isn’t that what TV is about?
But as it is fun to nitpick here is a rundown of all the mistakes in season 2, episode by episode….
(Moritz Eggert)


1) 1:30 the score Pembridge is holding in his hand is too small to be an orchestra piece. It looks more like a single instrumental part. Where have the endless sheets of music from last episode gone?

2) What a way to go – dying while listening to Pembridge’s shit music.

3) Ana-Maria looks like the most unconvincing nun ever. Why do the stern ladies in the convent let her run around like this?

4) AND WHY THE HELL DON’T RODRIGO AND ANA-MARIA TALK IN THEIR MOTHER TONGUE WITH EACH OTHER WHEN THEY ARE ALONE? We just had a whole episode in Spanish (which made sense because it took place in Mexico), now two Mexicans speak together without anybody present and decice that English is better to talk about intimate things?

5) Do they exist: nun’s robes which are showing that kind of cleavage? 7:15

6) 10:00 “The strings are woven from my hair and cat’s intestines.”. What? This woman is crazy! Run away, Rodrigo!

7) 18:00 so why is Hayley surprised that “Luke Skywalker” knows the orchestra was in Mexico? He is on the board (that’s what he said)!

8) 19:30 “The emergency is always the oboe”. That’s crap, Hayley, and you know it! Either you are scheduled to play or you aren’t, there is no standby duty for orchestra musicians like for singers covering main roles. And why should Oboes be more prone to illness than others?

9) And again an episode with very little to pick on.

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Eine Antwort

  1. Evy sagt:

    Punkt 4 habe ich nicht so krass wahrgenommen, aber wenn ich darüber nachdenke… Ich denke, in der Mexiko-Episode sollte Rodrigos Herkunft betont werden und dass Mexiko ein anderes Land als die USA sind – die Barriere wird für den Zuschauer durch die Untertitel spürbar. Und ich fand das sehr nervig :-) Bei Rodrigo und Anna-Maria steht der Beziehungskonflikt im Vordergrund, die beiden Persönlichkeiten, die aufeinander prallen. Dabei hätten Untertitel nur gestört. Real hätte sie sicher spanisch geredet. Aber ich denke, hier kann die Fiktion zugunsten der Verständlichkeit siegen :-)