First Atopical Concert. A video report.


Continuing our discussion of alternative concert forms, here is a little film I did about the last class concert of my students. In this concert we tried to explore a different kind of concert experience that puts the act of “hearing” in the foreground, instead of distracting the spectator with visual or topical stimuli.


The solution proposed in the video was independently developed by the students, with some mild guidance by me. Of course the academic context of the performance stressed the purpose to “try something out”, so the result is in no way meant to be perfect. In fact we were struggling to get all musicians together with rehearsals going on until minutes before the start of the performance (and we were still not finished with the preparations!).  But our experience was quite happy and fruitful, and the feedback from the audience quite encouraging. Sadly I could not film a lot as I was involved in the performance myself, so the music bits heard here are not completely representative or complete. But the short video might serve as a little document of a concert form that we will probably try to explore more in the future.

Moritz Eggert

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