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Let us try. A Rally.

Let us try to listen between the cracks of what is obvious. Let us try to look at the things in an awkward and unusual way. There is nothing wrong with being awkward. The foal that comes out of the mother horse is extremely awkward, standing shakily on its feet. The foal that comes out of the mother horse is the most beautiful thing on the planet. Because it tries, because it really, really tries.

Are you an artist? Test and questionnaire.

There are too many self-proclaimed artists on this planet. Everybody wants to be one – sound artist, cooking artist, master of arts, life style artist…

But many artists aren’t really artists. Artist as life style is not enough, when you seek only fame without the high personal prize that has to be paid for creating true art.

So are you, dear readers, true artists? Or not? Do you really want to know?

Urheberrechtsverletzten leicht gemacht, Teil 2

Urheberrechtsverletzten leicht gemacht, Teil 2

Ja, liebe Fangirls und Fanboys,
wie versprochen stelle ich heute weitere Methoden zur Urheberrechtsverletzung vor – denn Urheberrecht, das ist was für Weicheier und Loser!
Wir bleiben einfach bei der schon verwendeten Kritik von Klaus P. Richter – denn diese Kritik will von uns verletzt, erniedrigt, kopiert und entwürdigt werden. So oft wie möglich, denn nur das macht uns so richtig geil.