Everything that is wrong in Mozart in the Jungle Season 2 Episode 07, Can You Marry a Moon?

Can you marry a moon?



Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“. Season 2, Episode 1 „Stern Papa“

29. Februar 2016 von Moritz Eggert | Keine Kommentare

So we’re onto season 2 of “Mozart in the Jungle” now! MIJ is a great show – it has perfect casting, witty scripts, great actors…and screenwriters who try to unsuccessfully imagine how the classical music scene works. Actually it sometimes even adds to the fun that they don’t have a clue, as we become witnesses to scenes and dialogue that would never happen in real life. Isn’t that what TV is about?
But as it is fun to nitpick here is a rundown of all the mistakes in season 2, episode by episode….
(Moritz Eggert)

1) To answer the title question: I guess no.

2) “Johann Sebastian Cock?” Really? Really…

3) 0:54: the poster in the background (to the right) says HADYN: “String quartet and Farewell Symphony”. Not a combination you often see in concert halls, as one is a chamber music piece and one an orchestra piece. Did someone just invent this poster?

4) This is the fakest depiction of the composition process ever. If somebody goes about composing like Pembridge he is definitely a moron. And well, Pembridge is SUPPOSED to be a moron.

5) 19:00 And this is not how playing the stock market AND the drumkit works. For a start: one couldn’t understand a word he’s saying. Although: they actually DID use a dampened practicing kit. Still would be too loud.

6) 20:00 So what is this virtual reality game about? Several conductors are conducting one single cellist? Sounds like fun…

7) And the mystery of the title is still not resolved. Except if we assume that Hayley’s behind is beautiful like a moon (“made from marble”) and that it is not possible to marry it. Duh.

8) And this ends the “Mozart in the Jungle”- episode with the least necessary nit picking so far…

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