Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, Episode 8, „Mozart with the Bacon“

Episode 8 “Mozart with the Bacon”


(youtube video above in Spanish)

1) Gloria the orchestra manager is right – cancelling a concert with a well-known pianist for no specific reason shortly before is a disgrace. These concerts are usually planned years in advance, the poor guy has arranged his tour plan to fit it in, he could sue the orchestra for thousands of dollars damages. ”He’s a professional. He will understand”. If he is a professional he will NOT understand!

2) Who is bitchy principal oboe phoning at 6:30 in the morning while she gives a lesson to Hailey? And why is this person so chatty? Who is so chatty at that time?

3) Winslow (the cancelled pianist) would not dramatically talk to Rodrigo. His lawyers would do the talking. And they would be successful indeed!

4) What, he learned to hypnotize somebody just by being hypnotized himself? So I would learn how to fly a plane simply by using one?

5) The dream sequence of Rodrigo is a hoot, using every film cliché in the book, from laser tunnel to metronomes to Dalí watches. And Winslow suddenly seems really close to Rodrigo, holding him in his arms like a baby. He is even crazier than Rodrigo – which is quite a feat!

6) How was Marlin the impostor (who uses counterfeit cheques) able to procure such an expensive oboe? Well, he certainly is a very talented cheater.

7) Cubans always party at the beach and let foreign conductors play the bongos really badly.

8) Eating sandwiches at an expensive organ and playing with unwashed hands is extremely rude and would be something that classical musicians never would do. But we have already established that both Rodrigo and Winslow are completely nuts.

9) Winslow forgives the cancellation of his concert? Just like this? What?

Moritz Eggert