Everything that is wrong with „Mozart in the Jungle“, Season 1, Episode 5 „I’m with the Maestro“

Episode 5 „I’m with the Maestro“


1) Ok, that’s very nitpicky, but in real orchestra recordings you don’t just talk directly after the cue ends, but wait at least 2-3 seconds, even if what you want to say is very funny, Mr. drug-dealing Timpani man.

2) Why any self-respecting maestro would want to jog in Central Park with such atrocious pseudo-techno in his ear phones is the biggest sin Rodrigo would have to confess.

3) I know it’s important for the story, but how can bitchy-but-in-fact-only-disillusioned first oboe tell that Cynthia the cellist has tendinitis from watching her from afar from a few rows back? There is no way how you can magically see inner pain from outside, and tendonitis is either so bad you can’t play, or it’s not so bad, so you can play. There would be no way to make a medical analysis that easily. Also, why does Cynthia rub her fingers after her attack (“nice move”) on the thief? Tendinitis doesn’t hurt in the fingers, it hurts in the wrist.

4) I don’t know about the New York free dance theatre scene, but walking into an already lit set with a performer waiting, explaining the purpose of the show to the audience, and then proceeding to act as a dancer in the same piece is extremely amateurish presentation to say the least. Especially when everything you say is basically “enjoy the show and thanks for coming”. No wonder the black critic in the first row looks uncomfortable. The following dance version of “Moby Dick” is hilariously bad and corny, though. And is the audience really allowed to eat yoghurt during the show? And the only way for Hailey to leave the theatre is through the frigging stage door, next to the performers? She has to walk on the stage to get away? Wow, what a seedy place this is, the fire regulations must be really lax.

5) “I hate Philip Glass”. WAY TO GO, Rodrigo, say it to the man!

6) Bitchy-but-in-fact-only-disillusioned first oboe has PRE-ROLLED joints in her little wooden box? That’s class for you.

7) The so-called “avant-garde” performance with Rodrigo’s wife is hilariously off-kilter. What is that supposed to be? New Music? Me don’t think so. And what “Music” was there to listen to, Rodrigo? The bad Paganini-rip off or the twang of the snapping violin strings?

8) Why do two Latin-Americans non-native English speakers suddenly speak English when they are alone in a dressing room? Especially after nearly having sex with each other? Because it happens in every other episode of “24” as well, I guess.

9) Very nice musical end cue when Hailey leaves the weird dancers’ apartment. I wish there was more of this, instead of pseudo-techno and very little real classical music in a series about classical music.

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