The ongoing obituary of Pop Music (2)

hey pop is dead
bring your shovel
hey pop is dead
bust your bubble
hey pop is dead
please don’t trouble me
not while i’m watching tv

(The Knack, „Pop is dead“, 1998)


„So what if it’s popular?/I got to infect you in order to affect you/And I don’t expect you to get it at first.“

(Antipop Consortium, „Pop is dead“, 2002)

Pop is dead…again

(Alexander Kay,, 2013)

„Pop is dead“

(King of Bass, 2011)

Like milk announcing that it has gone sour, La Roux’s lead singer has declared electro-pop „over“. While the British duo continue to tour their synth-heavy, electro debut, „the whole genre is … done with“, Elly Jackson said this week. „If I see anything more 80s-themed, I’m going to bust.“

(„La Roux: Electro Pop is over, 2010)

Pop is dead

(Punk Floid, 2005)

In the 21st century Apple are the Beatles and each new tech twist in the plot is the equivalent of those signpost Beatles singles that tell you the history of the sixties and music has become the background sound track.

Pop is dead!

(John Robb, 2009)

Love is dead dance is dead
Pop is dead grunge is dead
Rhythm and blues is dead
Punk rock music is dead
Heavy metal is dead
And rock and roll is dead

House is dead ska is dead
jazz is dead glam is dead
tin pan alley is dead
that motown sound is dead
reggae music is dead
and rock and roll is dead.

John is dead Jim is dead
James is dead Michael dead
Janice Joplin is dead
Robert Johnson is dead
Jimmy Hendrix is dead
And Elvis is dead.

Sid is dead Nat is dead
Kurt is dead Marvin dead
Nina Simone is dead
Rory Gallagher is dead
Frankie Sinatra is dead
And love is dead.

(Kopek, „Love is dead“, 2010)

So when is it finally really, really dead?

Moritz Eggert

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