NYC – Darmstadt ist schon da gewesen

oder fällt das in die kategorie: lustige konzertankündigungen?


Monday, November 30th
Doors: 7:00pm/Show: 8:00pm
Tix: $10.00

Darmstadt: In C

Brooklyn new music series Darmstadt: Classics of the Avant-Garde celebrates its fifth-anniversary with an annual, all-star reading of Terry Riley’s 1964 work, In C. For the past five years, Darmstadt curators Nick Hallett and Zach Layton have gathered a Who’s-Who of the downtown experimental music community at Galapagos for an interpretation of the work like no other. This year’s lineup includes a battery of avant-guitar gods (David Grubbs, Alan Licht among them), veteran composer-performer Jon Gibson (who played in the very first performance of In C), singers, instrumentalists across a wide span of tones and timbres, electronic musicians….all keeping to the beat of drummer Ryan Sawyer. Visuals will be provided by none other than the Joshua Light Show.

„(Darmstadt) redefined the work as a cross between a late-1960s psychedelic freakout and a more up-to-date extended dance track, complete with an insistently pounding beat. It was the most vital, audacious and energizing performance of the score I’ve ever heard.“ –Allan Kozinn, New York Times

Hier gibt es dann gleich noch ein ganzes Darmstadtfestival:

Müsste man wohl noch einmal bei einigen Altdarmstädtern nachfragen, ob auch für sie
“Blue” Gene Tyranny – “Harvey Milk (Portrait from ‘How to Do It’/A circuit to help generate the feeling of meaning)” (1978)
zu den „essentials“ dazu gehört hat…

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