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The Milgram Experiment was an influencing factor on ethics in modern-day psychology

Art as an Excuse? Ethics in New Music

In Alex Temple’s article “Composers, performers, and consent”, she talks about something seldom spoken of in new music: a composer’s relationship to their performers with regards to writing music that is also sustainable for the people performing them. She cites an interaction that Jessica Aszodi had with a composer in...

The sounds of a different world. Review of „The Music of the Temporalists“ by André Pogorillofsky.

Sometimes there are books that are impossible to categorize and impossible to describe. André Pogoriloffsky’s “The Music of the Temporalists” is such a book. I have read it, and I honestly cannot say what it is (is it a travelogue? A science fiction novel? A true account? A literary experiment?...

Let us try. A Rally.

Let us try to listen between the cracks of what is obvious. Let us try to look at the things in an awkward and unusual way. There is nothing wrong with being awkward. The foal that comes out of the mother horse is extremely awkward, standing shakily on its feet. The foal that comes out of the mother horse is the most beautiful thing on the planet. Because it tries, because it really, really tries.