Markiert: Johannes Wallmann

Radio Neue Musik. Montage: Hufner

Neue Musik / Musikfeature / SoundArt: Die Radio-Woche vom 12. bis 18. Juni 2017

Neue Musik und Musikfeatures in der Kalenderwoche 24. Portraits und Schwerpunkte gibt es zu: Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2017, Litauens junge Komponistenszene, das britische Ensemble Distractfold, Musikforum Viktring 2017, Eunoia Quintett, Ensemble Contrechamps, Jugend jazzt 2017, Klangkunst documenta 14, Konzerthaus Blaibach, 50 Jahre Summer of Love, Rostrum of Composers...

The never ending life of the others

The never ending life of the others

Sometimes it feels like in Germany there is an endless need of discussing the past. The past is omnipresent, like a lingering shadow that refuses to go away.
The past for us is two terrible regimes which amassed endless guilt and negatively affected the lives of millions of people, not only by bringing suffering to others but also by making people willing cogs in the machine, making them guilty not necessarily by direct action but by simply tolerating the circumstances or supporting the regimes that created them by taking part in their machinations.