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Preparing Atopy. A lecture in 6 parts. Part two: The Big Sleep

(This is the English translation of a 6 part lecture that I gave in Mainz about the possibilities of what I call „atopical“ music)


I am often asked at parties what kind of music I write. This is a horribly difficult question to answer. Because “music” is of course a near endless term. “Music” can be St. John’s Passion or the music of the „Beatles“, both is „music“. I also think it is reasonable that both of it can be called “music”. Because in all kinds of music – be it popular music, dance music, Jazz music, improvised music, ethnical music, experimental music, film music – the chances to encounter horribly bad music are absolutely equal. This is the common trait of all music. But in each of these “genres” we can of course also find works of genius. For me there is no quality difference between the music of the Beatles and the music of Stockhausen. I actually also know which of these two I absolutely prefer!