Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, Season 2, Episode 10: „Home“

So we’re onto season 2 of “Mozart in the Jungle” now! MIJ is a great show – it has perfect casting, witty scripts, great actors…and screenwriters who try to unsuccessfully imagine how the classical music scene works. Actually it sometimes even adds to the fun that they don’t have a clue, as we become witnesses to scenes and dialogue that would never happen in real life. Isn’t that what TV is about?
But as it is fun to nitpick here is a rundown of all the mistakes in season 2, episode by episode….
(Moritz Eggert)





  • Gloria seems to be a saint. And why did her private office cost that much? It didn’t seem to change appearances…
  • The idea that somebody would hold business meetings on a climbing wall is kind of ridiculous in a country where everybody sues immediately for anything, even a sprained ankle. And the guy before Rodrigo looks like he could have had a heart attack easily.
  • 4:46 Look at that fall. Most people would be dead or paralyzed forever.
  • Of course the art music world is full of ploys, counter-ploys and intrigues, but is bringing back exactly the old conductor (Pembridge) – who left while being on a popularity low – the best idea? Wouldn’t hiring new and fresh blood be the better choice to invigorate the orchestra at this point? This plan seems kind of ridiculous – surely there are other conductors in the world of the TV series?
  • 13:55 The lock-out is a nice idea, but there is something wrong with the picture of the musicians in tuxedos standing outside the door. What is it? The musicians usually keep their tuxedos in their lockers, so how did they get them on if they weren’t allowed to enter the building? And if they just played a concert, why did they go outside with the tuxedos on after finishing? And why is it bright with daylight? Aren’t concerts usually in the evening? And if it is a Sunday matinee, why did the board just meet (on a Sunday)? It seems there are some scenes missing in between that ended up on the cutting room floor, and now the whole thing doesn’t make any sense…
  • 17:10: even more ridiculous: the double bass players carry their instruments with them, which they ALWAYS leave in the symphony hall….why did they take these with them? Did they secretly know that the lock-out was coming? This throws an entirely new light on these pesky bass-players, a mystery that’ll probably remain unsolved…
  • Miraculously a full percussion set-up appears in Central Park as well, instruments like timpanis which actually would need a truck to get hauled there. Have you ever tried to lift a timpani alone? It can’t even be done! These things cannot be carried under the arm, you know?
  • Bitchy first oboe actually reprimands Hayley taking over her solo in the Beethoven, when it was actually the conductor who commanded it??? This woman is even more bitchy than we all thought…
  • 18:29: and now there are also 2 harps!!! Each of them needs their own car to transport in reality!!!!!
  • 20:12: nobody is asking the inevitable question: “Which piece are we actually playing, maestro”? Or the other, even more inevitable question: “And what sheet music do we use, when the orchestra material-for-hire is always stored in the orchestra library between performances”?
  • And who has actually ever heard of an “orchestra lock-out”? Does that seem a good method to discipline them? Wouldn’t it be easier to just not pay their contracts?
  • And they just decide to play the fiendishly difficult beginning of Ravel’s “Daphnis et Chloé” with Rodrigo not giving a cue but just opening and closing his hands????? Come on, this is complete bullshit!!!!!
  • 20:40 Why is Bob holding the piccolo to his mouth? It is not supposed to play here…
  • Doesn’t it strike you as strange, that the exit of Hayley’s apartment seems to be so perfectly located to get the best view of Manhattan ever? And why do people always seem to miraculously meet there all the time, without having an appointment at all? Hayley’s former boyfriend also had a knack of appearing there at exactly the right time….

And this ends my nitpicking of series two – see you in a few months when season 3 will begin!