Everything that is wrong in „Mozart in the Jungle“, Episode 9 „Now Fortissimo“

Episode 9, “Now Fortissimo”


(again in Spanish, for your pleasure)

1) I know that it is supposed to be exaggerated, but bitchy principal oboes teaching methods are highly dubious to say the least. What’s with the corset and the cold water?

2) Why is bitchy first oboe so triumphant when Rodrigo calls Hailey during the lesson, as if a big secret was revealed? It is absolutely no secret that Hailey is Rodrigo’s assistant, that’s official and it would not be unusual for him to call her.

3) Cynthia FINALLY acknowledges that her wrist is hurting, not her fingers.

4) During the conversation with Hailey and Rodrigo in the car to Anna-Maria’s recital we learn that Rodrigo is STILL preparing his FIRST concert with the orchestra? What has he done the past months?

5) The navigation system in the car is very weird – it is completely silent while Hailey makes a lot of turns, but suddenly announces that she has to “turn left” out of the blue. Probably it is too polite to interrupt the conversation.

6) “Why don’t you get behind me with your piccolo” must count as every piccolo player’s wet dream sentence. Cynthia really knows how to say things in a very clear and precise manner that cannot be misunderstood.

7) Anti-pain pills that make you horny. I guess sex is a good way to kill any pain.

8) Again, two native Spanish speakers (Rodrigo and his former wife) prefer to speak English in a tent, with nobody else around.

9) The Sibelius violin concerto is surely a better (and more challenging) choice than the violin concerto by Händel, but that’s a matter of taste of course.

Moritz Eggert

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