A fair composition competition…

We have often talked about strange, unfair or even downright shabby composition competitions on these pages. This cannot go on!


The fabulous young clarinetist Heather Roche thought the same and has therefore created a new competition, which puts the selection of composers before their writing of the work, and is also free to enter. This is an absolute rarity in this day and age of insulting competitions that have you enter for 200,-EUR to write 3 orchestra pieces for 1000,-EUR in 3 months (or similar).

The initiative by Heather is to be applauded, but it is also in need of sponsors. Therefore I would like to pass on this invitation by Heather:

One of the things I’ve noticed in the last couple of years of working is that composition competitions, theoretically set up to encourage and provide opportunities for young and studying composers trying to star their careers, seem to be set up in order to hinder them. I’d like to hold one that will try to correct a lot of these mistakes, and hopefully encourage others to do so. The features that are important are that they don’t have to pay to enter the competition, that there is a qualified jury of recognised professional composers, that they submit with a proposal for a new piece and a portfolio of existing work (rather than having to submit a brand new piece just for the competition, as is normal these days) and that they are rewarded for their efforts with a fair commission fee to write a brand new piece in direct collaboration with me. I’ve also lined up a great first performance for these new pieces in London!

I’m just over a week away from trying to raise the rest of the money for their commissions, and still have quite a way to go. I don’t want you to feel like you have to donate, but if you wouldn’t mind having a look at the crowdfunding page and considering a small donation, I’d be so grateful!!

I’m equally grateful of course for sharing the link with any friends you have who might consider donating

More details about the competition and how to donate can be found here

Heather Roche

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